Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose--Content

This Week's prompt is: Content  Content or living your dream?

I have so much to be thankful for--health, enough money to pay the bills, grown children that although they sometimes drive me crazy are God loving, honest productive citizens, sweet grandchildren, a nice home and a way to express my talent.  So I am content.  There is a scripture that says "Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have".  And this is Plan C.  Plan B was to move to Prescott when I retired, buy a cozy little home with an attached art studio, teach art and have plenty of time to pursue my interests.  
But that was not my dream--If I were living my dream, I would have a small ranch in a beautiful valley in the Rockie Mountains (preferably Wyoming), a handsome cowboy who truly loves me, and in the evenings we would sit together on the porch of our log home and watch the sun set.  But since I can't live my dream, perhaps I will make it come to life on canvas.


  1. If your dream came true it would make a beautiful picture. Here's to health, wealth and happiness.

  2. Love the Plan B and Plan C - I'm famous for having those multiple plans - just in case.

  3. Love the multiple plans... and a cowboy???
    Thanks for pondering with me...

  4. Living your dreams on the that's a nice thought. Who knows maybe your dreams still may come true. Your Prince Charming or in this case your Cowboy is around somewhere. Maybe you gotta get rope and lasso one. =D Thanks for visiting today. I appreciated the encouragement.

  5. Doesn't everyone dream of a cowboy? That and the log home in the mountains....sounds perfect. But you know, Plan B doesn't sound too shabby either. Before I even considered getting married, I made sure that I would truly be okay being alone - for my entire life if that's what happened. And I too thought of a cozy cottage where I could read and write to my heart's content, and still have plenty of time for friends and families. And I truly think if that's the path I had ended up on, I would be just as content.

  6. Thata girl Marti I love that attitude and art!!! I am a planner myself I usually always have plan ABCD & sometimes E. My house isn't logs but it is redwood with a porch around it looking into the pine trees you are welcome to come enjoy the smell of the mountains from my deck :)) but I am freshh out of cowboys LOL can't wait to see the paintings!!