Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not so Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This coming week is loaded with birthdays.  I checked out my stash of cards, but none of them spoke to me, so off to my studio, to see what inspiration might hit me.  First of all, I finished the "Wish" card.  The upper background is a paper sack that some purchase, now long forgotten came in.  But, I love the bag. For the leaves, I used the pouncing technique that we learned in Jennifer McGuire's Online Card Class.  A heavy spritz with pearl water, and after it dried, using Marvy's embossed leaf punches, I had a bunch of great looking leaves. Just a touch of ultra-fine glitter finished them.

  The inside is digital French Market paper, and a computer generated greeting.

Celebrating September's flower, the aster, I made the "Birthday Wishes" card.  The stamps are by Stampin Up, and the papers are digital French Market designs.

The "Happy Birthday" card again, used a digital French Market design, a Stampin Up greeting, and a silk flower that I rescued from a garage sale.  After washing, drying, and applying some gold and tangerine Stickles it found its new home.  Another one of the punched leaves added the finishing touch.

My fall birthday's for next week are taken care of, so now I can watch "American Handyman" without regret.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Air

Falling Leaves

Little leaves fall softly down
Red and yellow, orange and brown
Whirling, twirling round and round
Falling softly to the ground

Little leaves fall softly down
To make a carpet on the ground.
Then, swish, the wind comes whistling by
And sends them dancing to the sky.

The calendar says that it's fall, but today it was 107, so its hard to get in the spirit of falling leaves, chilly nights, and harvest pumpkins.  So I made this card to remind me that it won't be too much longer.

Two years ago in October I was in Corvallis, Oregon and was able to experience the true beauty of fall.

I miss the changing seasons, when Nature's calendar turns the page.  There are the snowy winter scenes, then as the page turns, we see a carpet of flowers sprinkling the hillside.  The page turns again, and we see the lazy days of summer with soft breezes and buzz of honeybees as they flit from flower to flower. Then the final page shows a burst of color--gold, red, orange and brown, an anthem singing the years accomplishments and the joy of the past year.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Days

I have been taking on online art class taught by Jennifer McGuire.  It focuses on techniques using inks, papers, embellishments, and accessories to get a variety of looks to add dimension to cards, art books, or scrapbooks.

This is the sampler that I made showing the techniques.  Using these, there will be no boring cards or art books.  

It has been a fun two weeks!