Saturday, October 13, 2012

For the Love of Mom

Old Woman of the Sea (Mom)
Today, I celebrate my Mom, Elsie Price, born October 13, 1920, home to heaven May 9, 2007.

She loved the ocean.  When she lived in Oregon, a trip to the coast was high on her list of favorite things.  She always spoke of the inspiration that she received from the power of the waves, the endless beauty, and the thought that the God that knew each grain of sand, also cared for her.

Coming home from church

She was a happy woman, who in spite of health issues later in life, still sang and lived each day as a precious gift.  She was kind, and she was wise. Oh, and by the way, she loved football--especially the Denver Broncos.


  1. she sounds like quite a special lady!! :)

  2. My mom would have turned 88 today. Happy birthday to our moms - may our memories console as we remember our moms.

  3. This is a sweet post to honor your mother! She was a wonderful lady, I'm sure. I lost my mother at age 59 a little over 35 years ago. It's kinda strange to think that I'm now older than she was. It's been a long time, but I still think of her and miss her.

  4. Marti, It struck my heartstrings, her statement about God caring for her as He also knew every grain of sand. That's powerful stuff called faith. Also I love that she loved football. I lost my Dad just 5 yrs. ago the 24th of this month. It's like I see him sitting in his chair writing in his journal or playing cribbage at the table with Mom, each time I walk in the door. We will always remember and know that we were their little girls. That's powerful stuff called love.
    BlessYaMarti and HappyBirthday to your Mom

  5. I truly feel the same way about the ocean...I would say I needed a trip yearly to feel centered with God and I got that from staring at the waves. It is great the memories you have of your moms love of life :)

  6. Your Mother sounds like a very loving women. Have a great week ahead!


  7. Your mother sounds like one of the best moms!!! and she shares a birthday (Oct. 13th) with my precious mom - whom we were blessed to celebrate her 75th birthday this past week-end.

    I am certain your beautiful mom is sailing on the waves and looking down on you and your family and smiling as you take time to remember her. Happy Birthday to your mom, who will forever live in your heart and memory... xo HHL