Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday-Grandson

6 mo old
Yesterday was a special day in the life of my grandson.  He turned 21.  He is a fun-loving, funny boy, er, I should say man; although I doubt that I will think of him as grown up anytime soon.

He is an auto mechanic, loves loud music, and can dance like a fool.  He's the king of shuffle.

First car--68 Rambler
He already has seen troubles.  Those that follow my blog will remember that he was in a serious auto accident last Christmas and was in ICU for three days. All of his facial bones were crushed and most of his teeth knocked out.  He underwent extensive facial surgeries having plates put in for his cheekbones and chin.  He is still waiting for everything to heal (a couple more months) so that he can begin work on dental restoration. Needless to say he also suffered emotional trauma, and is currently dealing with that.  But he is alive and has regained his sense of humor, even though he sometimes gets cranky.

He lived with me for several years, but now has his own apartment, and also a new car.  

He is facing the world of adult responsibilities--work, paying bills, and unexpected expenses.  But his attitude is good, so I know that he will have a wonderful life.  So, happy birthday to my grandson.

Drinking coffee early in the morning on patio overlooking ocean in  Hawaii last July


  1. Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  2. Wishing your grandson a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson. He has been through much and it sounds like there is more to come. If he is brave and keeps a positive heart, things will work out. I know, as my husband and I went through a horrible accident 12 years ago. Some scars are still there, but on the positive side, we got a brand new life to explore and enjoy. Second chances can be remarkable.

  4. Oh wow...your 21st birthday is so BIG!! Hope he had an amazing day!

  5. Happy birthday to your handsome grandson.

  6. Happy belated birthday to your grandson!