Monday, July 18, 2011

End of a Good Day

I love sunsets.  I love to watch the sun sink out of sight and see the clouds celebrate with an explosion of color, ever changing, lasting but a few minutes.  The sky fades from soft blues to shades of violet then darkens to the blanket of night sprinkled with twinkles of light.
I recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii.  My daughter was married on Kauai.  This was one of the beautiful sunsets that we witnessed. In the foreground is a statue of Neptune--the god of the sea.

After our visit on Kauai, we traveled to the Big Island--Hawaii. This was a total contrast.  Where Kauai was lush and green, the Big Island was a harsh volcanic landscape.  Our house was on a volcanic outcrop, high above the ocean.  But one thing they shared--beautiful sunsets.  The sun would slide downward, painting the sky and ocean with flames of color.

Now, I am back to reality.  There are dishes to wash, laundry, cleaning, and all the necessary tasks that are required in our daily lives, but one thing links my vacation and my routine--sunsets.  Arizona also has spectacular sunsets, blending the colors of the southwest and its scenery at the end of the day. After the sun has slipped away for its night time rest, the doves sing a lonesome song, with crickets chirping a salute to the end of a good day.