Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose-Actions

This Week's prompt is: Actions 
I'm sure all of us have had someone say, "Get Real!"  What makes a person real?

Words are cheap. Actions mean everything! The truth is always there for all to see when you observe the way people act and respond, rarely by what they say. This truth is self-evident – good people practice what they preach. How do they respond to you? How do they treat you? How do they treat your friends, your children, their dog? How do they treat the janitor? The clerk at the grocery store?

Real men say what they mean and act the same way. Real people, decent folk, will always demonstrate who they are by their consistent actions. To know the real truth about a person – pay close and careful attention to them over a period of several weeks and then ask yourself this question – are they really what they appear to be? Consistent actions on their part will tell you what you need to know, for good or for bad.

We all make mistakes, do dumb things from time to time. But we more often than not, recover from the shortcomings we have. Honest, one-time mistakes are forgivable. On the other hand, repeated actions reveal who a person really is – for good or for bad.


  1. I love the fact that you brought up how to treat ALL people.... NOTHING makes me madder than people who treat janitors, waitresses, etc as second class citizens.... EVERY person should be treated the same, regardless of race, gender, social status or who they know!

    Thanks Marti for pondering with me!

  2. Also see how that person treats his/her parents/pet. That too is very telling.

  3. What a great post Marti! So very true...

  4. It's like the difference between weather and climate. A person can be judged by their actions over the long haul, the character they've developed (or lack of character.) Good post, Marti!

  5. What wonderful reponses to this pondering. It is all true.