Saturday, October 6, 2012


Front CoverI just finished reading Homestead: Modern Pioneers Pursuing the Edge of Possibility by Jane Kirkpatrick.  It is the true story of how she and her husband battle to create a home out of a rugged stretch of sagebrush, rattlesnakes, and sand in eastern Oregon along the John Day River, though often immobilized by anxiety and fear she uneasily relinquishes the security of a professional career; the convenience of electricity, running water, and a phone line; and, perhaps most daunting, the pleasures of sporting a professional manicure. But they follow their dream of building a home, ranching and gathering their first harvest from a yet-to-be-planted vineyard.

Rather than the simple life they had envisioned, Jane and Jerry find themselves confronting flood and fire, government bureaucracies, and runaway calves, among other disheartening setbacks. Jane frequently questions the sanity of pioneering in this remote area, known as Starvation Point, and she fights against panic with each trip down the seven-mile, boulder-strewn, rut-carved “driveway” she calls “the reptile road,” which threatens to spill them into the ravine with every lurch of the truck. 

But as she learns to navigate her new life, this novice rancher discovers that disappointment, isolation, and danger can’t compete with the generosity of their rural community, the strength of family bonds, and the faithfulness of the God who planted in their hearts the dream of carving a refuge out of an inhospitable land.

This moving adventure by modern pioneers, is a memoir full of courage, hard work, disappointments, self-questioning, tender moments, life-changing experiences, family, friends, faith—and ultimate fulfillment.  I enjoyed her recounting the good and the bad, her joys and her insecurities.

I purchased this book from Amazon Kindle edition.


  1. Thanks for the review ... I'm always interested in adding books to my Kindle library ... and have added this to my list.

  2. That sounds like a fascinating story! Thanks for telling us about it.