Monday, May 30, 2011

Norman--Jimmy Tuff--Price

On this Memorial Day, I remember a hero of World War I--my father.  Born Norman Price, known by most by his rodeo name--Jimmy Tuff; but known to me as Daddy.  He was working in Wyoming as a cowboy when WWI broke out.  He tried to enlist in Cody, but didn't qualify so he returned to Canada where he had been born and enlisted in the Canadian Army.  He served in the Canadian Railway Construction Corp during the war.  When the war was over, he returned to the United States, enlisted in the National Guard, serving until his discharge on February 18, 1924.  He so valued freedom that even though the United States wouldn't let him volunteer, he made his way back to Canada so that he could fight for what was right.  I salute you, Daddy, and I also honor all of the men and women who volunteer in our armed services and protect our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flower Moon

Last night was the full moon.  It was an awesome sight. Commonly it is referred to as the Flower Moon--it is the season when nature puts on its party clothes and dances in the fields.  It was a beautiful night even in the city.  As I sat in my backyard, I recalled a poem that I had written years ago.

                                                     Dancing in my dreams
        Lit by silvery moon
        Crickets strum a rhythm
        To frogs deep note tune

        Breezes waltz with leaves
        'Neath the midnight sky
        And nightingales call softly
        Then wait for loves reply.

It is good to store up special sights and sounds so that in times of stress you can close your eyes and open the book of memories and relive those moments, those times when nature put on a grand performance just for you.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Training Wheels

I went to a birthday party on Saturday and the birthday girl received a new bike, but couldn't ride it right away because Dad had to put on training wheels.  This started me thinking about training wheels not only on bikes, but other things in life.  They are those crutches that we use to help us master a skill, or overcome an obstacle. They are both good and bad. They balance us while we gain experience and confidence, but they slow our self reliance.  They make our task safe, but they dull the excitement and thrill of conquering a challenge by ourselves.  Remember Dad or Mom running along side of you, holding you as you got the hang of biking, and remember the excitement of looking back and seeing that they weren't holding you and you were riding on your own.  Remember the first time that you did something new all by yourself.  It's good to have someone beside you, but I know that the challenges that I have conquered on my own have given me special joy.