Thursday, May 3, 2012

We are Family

This Week's prompt is: This Week's prompt:  Siblings
Is there something that you remember from childhood that your siblings did to embarrass you? Or did you do something to one of your siblings?
When it comes to siblings I can speak with some experience.  I have three brothers and three sisters, of which I am the oldest.  Thinking back all those years, I can't recall being embarrassed by any of them, however, we were always up to something.  The boys loved to tease the girls, and we were always looking for a way to get the boys into trouble.  It's a wonder that my mom didn't have grey hair back then.

As far as naughtiness goes, the thing that hurt me the most was when my brother, just younger than me, got mad at me for no reason, I'm sure, and took my favorite doll, the only one with a celluloid head and smashed it over the bedstead.  I cried so much, the only consolation, he got a spanking.  
Then, as I have mentioned before, I made one of my sisters,  four years younger than me, taste test my mud pies. 

I think that it was great have all those brothers and sisters; there was always someone to play with, and someone to talk to.  We were able to share chores, help each other with homework, and tell of our plans for when we grew up.  We were there for each other.  We were family.


  1. What a sweet story - I would have loved a big family. sandie

  2. What a great post Marti! Thank you so much for pondering with me...
    To me there is nothing like family... no matter what... they are stuck with you!

  3. Nice story but sorry for your doll. Good thing spanking was not deem "unacceptable"

  4. Fun reminiscences! And I think it's funny how kids always seem to like seeing their siblings 'get what's comin' to 'em.' :-)

    I hope your pie recipes have improved since then. LOL

  5. Funny/sad memories! I love how as siblings you are each other's worst enemy but let someone else step in to challenge/threaten one of you and, suddenly, you are right there to back each other up. xo Diana

  6. I love that I grew up in a large family also, although not as large as yours.