Saturday, May 19, 2012

Picnic with a Purpose

On special summer days Mom would pack a picnic lunch load us all into the car and drive up to the forest, which was nearer to Yellowstone Park, 
Past all the unusual rock formations each with a road sign bearing its name–chimney rock, elephant’s head and sleeping giant. 
Chimney rock

Elephant Head
We would find a grassy picnic area somewhere along the North fork of the Shoshone river. There we would have our lunch, perhaps peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on homemade bread, and a soft cookie washed down with ice cold fresh milk.  
After eating and some playtime, we loved to  pick wild choke cherries which Mom would make into wonderful jam or jelly, or maybe some syrup for our pancakes.  Sometime there were wild elderberries that would become a delicious pie.  We always had a race to see who could fill their pail first.  Mom would just smile.


  1. we used to picnic as well however we went where there were wild bluberries and picked enough to make a pie as well as bowl full for dessert. Picnics are great fun!

  2. What great memories. I used to do lots of picnics with my kids when they were little....starting out with no rhyme or reason to our trip..and stopping when we were hungry. We had lots of elderberries on the farm in PA but I have never seen them anywhere around here. Elderberry pie was SOOO good- xo Diana