Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Play on the Mountain

At the end of the school year, life changed for us--no more getting up early for school, no more walking the mile to catch the school bus no more homework.  Instead  for us children, there was getting up, a hearty breakfast, doing chores, then hours of playing on the mountain, maybe a hike to the nearby Indian ruins, where arrowheads and teepee rings, spoke of an earlier time.  We didn't have bikes--there was no place to ride, instead we would go horseback riding, or draw pictures of life around us.  There were always books to read, or mud pies to decorate with juniper berries.  We girls made necklaces out of Russian Horse tails,  A favorite game was to make the road to town.  We would spend hours tracing every curve in the dirt behind the house, rocks would pile up for the canyon and the tunnels.  Scraps of wood would fashion the buildings in Cody.

The boys would go hunting for grouse or rabbits or fishing for trout for supper, or play with the cattle--practicing their roping skills.  

They might also help the girls might help bake cookies or bread. 

Often I would  make clothes for our dolls.
We never were bored, there was always something to do, and with three brothers and three sisters there was always someone to play with or to get into mischief with.


  1. Growing up in rural WV, we didn't have all the social gathering spots like today's kids and we NEVER were bored. Okay, occasionally we may have been though very rare. Those simpler times are gone, but live forever in my mind. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  2. I loved summers on the farm after school and I was only bored occasionally. My older brother was helping my dad but I had my younger brother to ride horses with or go fishing and swimming. I had chores in the house to do, but after that I was free to do as I wanted. When little brother was old enough to help out on the farm, then I might have gotten bored a few times because I didn't have anyone to do things with. In those days, parents didn't run their kids to town like they do today, so I didn't know any other way of life until I left the country school and went to town to high school. Then, I'd hear the other kids talk of going to the pool in the summer or meeting at the drug store for a Coke and I'd be a bit envious. But, I loved riding horses and nature, so I was pretty happy to be on the farm! Thanks for reminding me of those wonderful times!

  3. My goal is to retire in the mountains. We only have swamps and humidity here in Louisiana so everyone tends to stay inside.

    Lovely story!

  4. You never had to worry what to do out there did you? sandie