Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad

The statute of limitations has run out on this crime--it happened 50 years ago-- so I think I can safely talk about it.  I was an excellent student and to most appearances 
a shy, good kid, but I had a bit of my Daddy in me, always having a desire to live life on the edge–just a bit anyway.  I had one good girl friend–Anne.  One day at noon as we were leaving high school for lunch, I noticed that my favorite teacher hadn’t turned the ignition switch completely off in his nice red convertible.  So with a little convincing, I talked Anne into going with me on a little ride.  We cruised down main street, past the Irma Grill and  the Rexall drug, where all the “in” crowd had lunch. At the end of main street, probably eight or nine blocks, I turned around and we cruised back.  All the while, I was doing my best Miss America wave while Anne scrunched down in the seat. When we got back to school, Anne was glad that the same parking place was still open, but--the devil made me do it--I parked the car farther down the street, so he would know the car had been moved.  I did make sure to lock the ignition–I certainly didn’t want anyone to steal his car! The next day in class, the teacher asked if anyone had noticed anything the previous day at lunch.  I was in luck--no one ratted me out.  
I did overheard him tell another teacher he was sure one of those bad boys, you know the ones who wore white tee shirts with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve–had taken his car for a joy ride.

As far as I can remember, this is the only thing that I knowingly did that was really wrong since I was grown.

Now what is the point of this story--There are several--Even good people do bad things,  You can't tell what is on the inside by outside appearances. You may appear to get away with something, but God knows.


  1. wow, you were one brave soul ... i'd have been like your friend, hunkered down, praying!!!! :)

    I just had this conversation w/ an adult recently: I got away with a few things in my high school and college days ... and never got caught. I can't even tell my kids your sins will find you out always - but she reminded me: God knows!!!!! :)

  2. You are not getting away with this, that knock on your door is me with handcuffs.

  3. Oh I am glad it did not lead to a crime spree a la Thelma and Louise. All's well that ends well, as the Bard said.

  4. This was a fantastic story! How fun?! I snuck my parents car out once or twice but they always knew. I think after the first time they started checking the odometer!

    Oh and you've been tagged! Hop on over if you want to play!! :)

  5. What an amazing story! I wish I could join you in saying that I haven't knowingly done anything wrong in my adult years ... sigh.

  6. Dear Marti,
    Hysterical! I love the beauty queen wave. I noted yesterday that I need to plan to do something spontaneous. How funny that you went for it. I don't think my attempt at a spontaneous adventure will include car theft, but I loved this.