Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Clothes--Flour sacks to Fakes

My little granddaughter loves to shop, just like her mom.  She recently went shopping for school clothes, and being the little fashionista that she is, it was a long day.  She likes certain styles, and colors, and even has an opinion about fabrics.  It sure is different than when I was a kid.  
Flour sack fabric 1940-1950
My mom made all our clothes generally from flour sacks or reworked from other dresses. Occassionally we would get a dress from new fabric she got in town.  Now don't get the wrong idea, my mom was an excellent seamstress, and she copied the styles out of the latest Monkey Wards catalog, but their were no designer labels or high end trims.  We were ignorant of the difference.  We were proud of our wardrobe, and bragged that "Mommy made this!"  

When my girls were growing up, I made all their clothes, but they were label conscious. There was a SAS fabric outlet store not too far from us, and I scored with labels--they were rejects from the manufacturer, but no one ever knew the difference.  My girls were happy--they knew they were fakes, but didn't lose face with the other kids and the money I saved was amazing.  Which brings me to this thought, it is sad that status symbols are often more important the a persons substance.

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  1. Yes it is sad that so much importance is connected as to who has what- xo Diana