Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Corn Days

I'm sure every town has its local celebrations, when I lived in Sleepy Eye, MN for a couple of years while my then husband was serving in Vietnam, they celebrated corn.  Sleepy Eye is in the corn belt and home of a Del Monte Packing plant.  Established in 1920, the facility produces the largest case quantities of peas and corn for the Company, planted by over 300 different growers on more than 26,000 acres. 

One of the highlights of the year was Corn Days, held every year in August.  Of course there was a big parade--homemade floats one carrying Miss Sleepy Eye, and a lot of kids on bikes and trikes.

and then everyone gathered at the city park, where local organizations served steamed corn dipped in tubs of butter for a gigantic FREE corn feast.  

My very young son, not quite three years old, loved corn, and still remembers this festival where he could have all the corn that he wanted.  Everyone was amazed at how many cobs this little tyke ate.  It was one of his happy days.


  1. I am still a huge fan of corn on the cob! I don't eat it dripping in butter anymore but we get really good corn here in NJ. So sweet you almost don't need butter.

  2. I LOVE corn on the cob ... with just a little bitty bit of butter. ;-) My sister lives in a small town that has a Corn Festival every September. We've never been and we do owe her a visit ... maybe we'll go this fall.