Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Shape is That

I love the shape of things. These shapes are from my front yard.  The contrast of the wheels--the old and the new speak of change, growth.

This old clay pot, aged and worn, hold succulents.  It is perfect for them.  This reminds me that even people who are aged and worn still have purpose.

Now what do you think this is?  We don't know the purpose of everything that we see, but that doesn't mean that they have no use.


  1. I am going to guess it is an air filter.

    And to comment to you on your comment to me - I have heard of roof rats. No squirrels you are blessed.

    And I like your answer - to be the best you can be.


  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by...I see Chatty reads you...I read her, too.
    Nice blog layout!

  3. So true, we do all have purpose and we all have a job that no one else can do. Those are very good thoughts.

  4. Thanks for your comment on Cranberry Morning, Marti! And I'm pretty sure what that last photo is: a lamp shade. At least it looks like a lamp shade in our bedroom. :-)

    I love your comment about the clay pot. It better be true, for the years are adding up fast!

  5. I'm curious what that last picture is ... I was thinking that it was shutters - maybe?

  6. The shape was an old lampshade. All good guesses.