Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mary about Merry

I love this Mary Engelbreit tin. The cheerful colors, folksy flowers, and especially the message.  SHE WHO 
Laughter is good for your health according to help

*Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

*Laughter boosts the immune system.

*Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

*Laughter protects the heart. Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

So that verse from the scriptures is a medical fact.

merry  heart doeth good  [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth  the bones . Proverbs 17:22

So now, smile, say Hee, Hee, Hee, Ha, Ha, Ho.  Don't you feel better?


  1. Gooood morning! I'm so glad you stopped by and introduced yourself :)
    Reading this, I immediately thought of a dear friend who, despite considerable health challenges, is always laughing. Before long, we're laughing right along ... better than any old therapist!
    I'll be back!

  2. Always need a good laugh! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. That is one of my favorite Bible verses. I totally believe that god gave us laughter. sandie

  4. One of my favorite scriptures. Laugh, laugh, laugh out loud.

  5. Love the work of Mary E.!

    Did you happen to see that she is thinking of starting her magazine, again? I read it somewhere, and have forgotten now. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "But see, in our open clearings, how golden the melons lie;
    Enrich them with sweets and spices, and give us the pumpkin-pie!"

    ~Margaret Junkin Preston