Saturday, November 26, 2011


I want to introduce you to my sisters.  This is a continuation of yesterday's post.

This is my oldest sister.  She was a school teacher, then owned her own parking lot maintenance business, now retired she works on improving her mountain home, and pursues her favorite past time--fishing.

This is my middle sister.  She contracted polio at two years old, and spent the next 8 years in and out of hospitals. Although she had severe physical disabilities, she lived life full. She was pursuing an education that would lead to employment as a UN French enterpretuer. Her funeral was a celebration of her life. The college choir sang "When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be"

This is my baby sister. She was smart and talented.  Piano and guitar made beautiful music under her fingers. She is a nurse, a unique woman.

Each of my sisters are special, each have special talents and abilities, and I am truly thankful that God brought them into my life.


  1. When you did your brothers yesterday, I wondered about your sisters. :-) And here they are, today.

    Gentle hugs,
    "In a large bowl, combine........"
    Aren't those beginning words, delicious...
    all by themselves? :-)))


  2. Marti: What a tribute to your sisters and brothers,too, I read that post also!

  3. Families are so special Marti.

  4. Your family sounds like people I'd love to know. :)

  5. Very nice to meet your sisters! Love that old hymn. We sang it recently at a funeral also. Enjoy your day!

  6. What a beautiful post. I loved the pictures!

  7. I love this post ~ sweet tribute to your sisters!

  8. A lovely post to your sisters!! I'm an only child and always wished for a sister and brother.