Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The first day of spring is you enjoy working in the yard? Weeding, raking, mowing, planting-your favorite springtime garden chore? How about your least favorite?
I love working outside, and planting flowers is the thing I like best, Least favorite picking up after the dogs, but that is a year round chore.

2. What puts a spring in your step?
Money in the bank a day before payday.

3. Describe a time when you had to spring into action?
As the only action taker in my family, I have been called up many times.  Most recently, when my grandson had his accident, I had to take control and make sure he got to the best hospital, coordinate information with all the family. My Christmas Miracle

4. We're having carrots for dinner...would you prefer yours raw or cooked?
I love them either way--cooked with a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon, raw for a crunchy snack.

5. Do you take the shampoos and other sundries from your hotel room when its time to check out?
Yes.  Any unopened ones, I donate to charitable organizations that help the homeless.

6. What's the most enjoyable team or club you've belonged to and what was it that made it so?
I am not a team person, but I have belonged to several clubs.  My favorite was Small World Miniature Club. We met once a month and worked on scale miniature projects, sponsored several charities, and had a city wide miniature show every spring.  It was fun to work together and not only make nice things for yourselves, but also be able to help others.

7. Is cloning a sign of progress?
I think that it is basically an anomaly.  Some grain crops may benefit and it might help with organ replacement, but when you mess with genetics, you can never be sure of the final outcome. Cloning creates identical genes, thus hampering the diversity in genes. While lessening the diversity in genes, we weaken our ability of adaptation. Cloning is also detrimental to the beauty that lies in diversity.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
This weekend I am getting a new roof for my back patio.  I am so excited.  The one I have now is made of fiberglass panels, and the strong winds have torn several of them off, and it is not pleasant to sit out.  My daughter and son-in-law with my valued comments are doing the work.


  1. Enjoy your new roof. That is exciting! I love sitting out on my patio.

  2. Picking up after the dog, yes that is the worst! Enjoy your new patio and supervising the installment.

  3. I loved your cloning answer!
    I would enjoy going to a show of miniatures as you described. I've never heard of it before.

  4. Not a fan of picking up after our dogs. Isn't that one reason I had kids? :) YAY on your new roof!

  5. I am not as revved up about spring as I usually am. I have been aching lately and having some problems and the cleaning out of winter from all my gardens seems like an awesome task right now. I am hoping a big wind will come about and blow all th debris out of them and into the woods. Fat chance probably, but that is my hope.

  6. I would love a roof on our deck ... the sun gets to bright and so hot in the summer.

  7. Congratulations on getting a new roof for your back patio! Having a place to enjoy the outdoors is nice! Nice to have good help to do it too! :)


  8. You'll be getting a new roof just in time to enjoy this beautiful spring time weather. Good for you!

    Happy spring to you!

  9. Great answers! This is too funny because when hubby and I went to the Military Ball we stayed overnight at the hotel and the next morning I took all the bottles of shampoos and the bars of soap. And there were so many in this hotel! I sent them all to my daughter down in college. :)

  10. Congratulations on getting the new roof! Just in time for you to gaze on your garden flowers. :)

  11. The carrots picture looks so good!

    I agree with what you said about cloning. Medical advancements can be a very good idea, but outright cloning people, bad idea. I hadn't considered it agriculturally. It might have it's good point there, but as with people, outright cloning can result in resistance to good germs and weakness to fend off the bad ones.

  12. Ha I love a nice year too - but I want someone else to do it. sandie