Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose-Communication


This Week's prompt: Letters? Email? Phone call? Chat Room? Text?
Which method of communication do you prefer?And is it the one that you find you are using the most?

My mother used to write the most interesting letters.  They went way beyond the  usual "How are you, I am fine" variety.  In them she would tell of interesting things that happened, unusual things that she saw, problems that were laying heavy on her mind.  Some times she would include a recipe for a favorite dish she had just discovered, or she might send a small swatch of fabric for the dress that she was making.  The questions she asked were thoughtful, and showed that she really was interested in me and what I was doing.

Unfortunately, that gift for the most part has been lost on the current generation.  Now communications consists of "How r u? wl c u sn" sent on a smart phone.  About the only thing we get in the mail are bills, and those ads that are good for lining the puppies' kennel.  And I fear, that I am guilty also.  I was trying to remember the last time I sent a letter by post.  Almost all my communication is by e-mail.  

I do regularly send handmade cards with a short handwritten greeting.  And I know that when I receive a card I have a special connection with that person.  I often will display it on a shelf in my kitchen so I can enjoy it often.  Written communications can be savored over time. Whereas e-mails may be saved, but often after answering they are either filed away or go the way of the delete button.  I know that in our busy lives we are always finding ways to save time and money, but it's too bad that letter writing is a victim. 


  1. I could not agree with you more... it is as if when writing the letter you are connected to the person you are sending it to. And then there is something to be said about a box full of old letters... something rather romantic...

  2. I loved getting realy cards or letters hand written because I loved seeing the hand writting. Some people have the most beautiful hand writting. Now, it's text or email. I wonder if writting will ever come back in style and if 1000 years from now, any samples of hand writting will be found.

  3. I love getting cards in the mail. Sadly, I'm not so good about sending them - must work on that!

  4. I totally agree, Marti! I love writing and receiving letters, too bad that it's become a lost art! I actually have an "old fashioned pen pal", that I've been writing to for at least the past 14 years. We've never met in person, but she and I are true kindred spirits!!

  5. As sad as it might be, I think the written letter is deader than a door nail. Except for short thank you notes, people are not going to sit down and compose a narrative, put it in an envelope, attach a stamp, and then mail. Every year I do look forward to the personal letters that I receive at Christmas. No, not the brag letters that are sent to everyone, but the ones from friends from long ago who still want to keep in touch because you meant something to them.

    I have to admit, I do like to text. It is easy, quick, and you have a good chance of getting an answer quickly.