Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday's Meditation--Getting Lost

I am directionally challenged. Even though I have driven in Phoenix for 40 years, if I am going to a place that I am not familiar with I take my GPS.  At night I don't have a clue which was is which.  This has always caused me problems.  Years ago, when I was a school bus driver, I had a night field trip to ASU for a football game.  I got there fine, and was directed to designated parking.  For the return trip, I was directed to a street and had to turn right.  I noticed I was on Rural Road, now I was supposed to be on Scottsdale Road.  I broke out into a sweat--Where was I? Here I had a whole busload of rowdy kids, and not a clue where I was.  I figured I would keep going south and surely I would see something familiar. Finally I came to a freeway, and with the help of BIG signs, I found my way back. The other drivers said I was so smart to take the freeway instead of going across the city thereby missing all the traffic.  I didn't say a word. Note: When I got home, I dug out the map and found that the road changed names at the university.  So actually I was on the right road but going the wrong way.  All this reminds me of a saying I saw "He who doesn't know where he is going may miss it when he gets there".

And this brings to mind a scripture
Proverbs 17: 24  A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth. (NIV)


  1. LOL- You are like my husband. He is very challenged when it comes to directions. One of the things God gave me is a built in compass. I have a innate sense of direction..and know that if I am going South and the road takes a swing I can "feel" that I am going in a different direction. That's why I drive and HE rides!;>) xo Diana

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  3. Ok, I'll try again! :)
    I have a pretty good sense of direction but nothing frighens me more than being lost. I wash cold and for a moment cannot think clearly..panic sets in. I have no GPS in my little truck so I'm very careful.
    GOOD MORNING! How are you, anyway??

  4. It's one thing to be lost but with a busload of kids. I think God had your back for sure! ;) I have a story similar - about wrong a turn and my hubby coming up that I have in drafts. You will appreciate it lol!

  5. This post made me break out in a sweat because I am so afraid of getting lost! Something that only started happening a few years ago. My hubby makes fun of me because when we are going someplace we've never been I have to Google it, print out maps and have the maps sitting on my lap during the whole drive. I'm insane! Hope you had a nice Sunday!

  6. My husband has that too - that is why he has a GPS! Sandie

  7. Not having a clue where you are has got to be an awful, sinking feeling!! So glad all turned out well. No fun to get lost.