Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cattle Auction

Once in a while Daddy would let one of us go with him to the cattle auction in Powell. Here he would hope for good prices for his Hereford breeding stock, or maybe bid on a new milk cow.  Before the auction we would stand on the rails of the wooden pens, checking out all the animals, noting lot numbers of worthwhile stock.  
Then the stands, shaded by a tin roof would fill with ranchers all dressed in their worn Levis, western shirts, cowboy hats and boots. Ranchers caught up on the latest news from their neighbors spreads, swapping stories and needs. With a bang of the gavel it was time for the action to begin. Horses, cows, pigs and all kinds of livestock passed through the arena, accompanied by the rapid fire chant of the auctioneer.  

Rattlesnake Bits
There was a concession stand that sold the usual hot dogs and fries, but also deep fried rattlesnake bits and mountain oysters. 
Rocky Mountain Oysters
It was an exciting day for a kid, and as we would head home, the sun shining through the dusty afternoon, making a rosy haze we would talk of all the special things of the day.  But most special, a day spent with Daddy.


  1. Marti- I went with my father to the cattle auction every single Monday until I started school. We would stop afterwards at Louie's Inn and have a veal cutlet and orange soda. Great memory here today! xo Diana

  2. We have quite a big cattle and sheep auction a few miles down the road from where we live. They have a cafe there for the farmers but I don't think they've ever served up rattlesnake bits. Wonderful memories.

  3. Not so sure I could choke down rattlesnake bites! UGH!

  4. What fond memories ya shared here today. Since I was the only boy my daddy ever had I too spent my fair share 'round the sale barns.

    I remember when the fellas would come help castrate the cattle and Daddy would have and old fashioned Rocky Mountain Oyster fry. Since I was usually helpin' too, I would never partake of the calf~fries!

    God bless ya girl and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

  5. SO fun to read these posts! And Rocky Mountain oysters...just in time for me to make dinner. lol