Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Me on Monday

Acting Balanced
1. What movie or movies do you have to watch when they are on TV? (submitted by@rndmcrftyGAgrl)
I really don't watch movies on TV--I hate the commercials.  When they come out on DVD, I will sometimes buy them.
2. When you have out of town visitors, what fun places do you take them to in your town?  (Or where do you play tourist in your own town?)
In Phoenix, I like to take them to the Indian Art at the Heard Museum, Rustlers Roost to Eat--a totally western place. Then there is the Phoenix Art Museum, South Mountain at night so you can overlook the city.
3. What was the first album, CD, Download you ever bought?
Probably something by George Strait--the early years, Merle Haggard, or perhaps Chubby Checker.
4. Do you speak more than one language and which ones?  If not, what language would you like to know?
I speak English, it would be handy to speak Spanish considering where I live, however, I believe that all Americans should speak English.

5. What is your dream job? 
I am retired, but I would like to open an art studio and teach art.


  1. Good Monday morning to you! sandie

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Monday, Marti!

  3. I used to hate Mondays, but now I am finding them not so bad.

  4. Nice answers, Marti! I don't watch many TV movies either because of the ads. You could still teach art even if you are retired. Mighr be a fun outlet even at a senior citizens home or something- xo Diana

  5. Enjoyed your answers today! I'm not big on TV much anymore either! Hope you had a nice Monday!

  6. I would love to take your "tour!"I really enjoyed NM and AZ when we were out there on mission trips. One of these days we'll get back there again.

  7. Hope your Monday was a good one. Enjoyed your answers. Take care!