Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose--Stress

Today's prompt is: Stress
First of all I want to stress that I do no deal well with stress.  I have a strategy that helps me, maybe it will help you too.

I have first to identify the source of my stress.  It isn't always obvious.  Am I stressed before a presentation because I don't feel adequately prepared, or maybe I am tired, or had to heal with my dog tearing up my favorite pillow just before I left.

Sometimes I will journal about the stress.  That helps me more clearly see what caused it, how I felt, how I responded and what I can do to handle situations better the next time.

Here are the four big "A"s for dealing with stress
Avoid the stressor--learn to say no, cut your to do list
Alter the situation--express your feelings, learn to compromise
Adapt to the stressor--focus on the positive, look at the big picture
Accept the things you can't change--don't try to control, learn to forgive.

And I also want to stress that you have to make time for yourself, eat well, exercise and have fun, learn to laugh at yourself.  These things have helped me deal with the stressful situations in my life.


  1. If I would eat well and exercise more, my seams wouldn't be so stressed!

  2. Love Tami's comment!
    And I like your four A's.... I might just start using them!

    Thanks for pondering with me!

  3. I need to try you four A's maybe I can cut my stress down some.

  4. I am good at maybe 2 of the 4 A's. Guess that's why I'm still stressed.

  5. Your first one on the list is one I've also learned over the years. Saying yes to everyone serves no one, and makes you crazy trying to fulfill all those obligations. Now I make really sure I'm committing to something I want to do and have time to do. You are right on target with the others on the list too. One more hard one for me was learning that it doesn't all have to go my way, to let others do their part and not try to control the whole show, letting go of total responsibility relieves a ton of stress! :-)

  6. Some great Advice! I should put those "A's" on a fridge magnet. Maybe it will hold the Irish in me in check. We tend to just blow in a like a storm....but then which also quickly passes.