Monday, February 18, 2013


                                                      Acting Balanced

1. Who was the last person you said 'I love you to?'
Daughter, today as I was leaving grandson's birthday party

2. What was the last non-kid friendly movie you saw?
Can't remember back that far.

3. When was the last time you got angry about something that you felt silly about later?
Locked myself out of my car, then remembered keys were in my pocket.

4. Where is your favorite object at this moment?
My kindle is just waiting for me to finish this post as it sits right in front of me.
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5.  Tomorrow is a legal holiday in the US--President's Day.  Do you have special plans for this extra day off?
Me--I have a doctor appointment in the morning, and then plan to finish an art project.


  1. The boss gave me the day off as he is on the road so I'm taking my granddaughter to a movie as she is off school too.

  2. No, I am at work...Thanks for joining in on the MQAM.

  3. Presidents Day became a legal federal holiday after I was out of grade school, so I never established a tradition for it. Hubby and I talked about Abraham Lincoln during dinner an the 12th and we'll probably talk about George Washington on the 22nd. Not so much special plans, but a special acknowledgement on the days that were acknowledged when we were kids.