Saturday, September 29, 2012

Playing House

This is a child's chair that my grandpa made over 70 years ago.  It sits in my living room now and often my granddaughter serves a favorite doll tea and cookies in this chair.  One of the earlies gifts my mom made for me was a set of doll furniture much like this chair but in doll size proportion.  That gene must run in the family as I love to make doll furniture also, however my is even in a smaller scale (One inch=one foot)  The only problem is mine won't last 70 years through the rough and tumble play of children. 
Granddaughter fixing up dollhouse in my office

I made a fairly sturdy dollhouse and furnishings so that little ones could play house.  My grands love to play clean house and rearrange furniture and with a bit of Elmer's glue it continues to provide hours of entertainment.

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  1. The chair is adoralbe, and so is your grand! How special that your grandfather made it for you and that you have it for your grandchildren.