Monday, September 10, 2012


Acting Balanced

1. What is your favorite memory you made while on walk?
This summer I walked and hiked through the Olympic National Park.  The beauty and solitude renewed my spirit, and calmed my soul.
Marymere Falls

2. Do you prefer to live in the city, suburbs or country?  Why?
I currently live in the suburbs of the largest capitol city in America--Phoenix, I had planned to retire in a small town north of Phoenix (but the terrible economy changed that dream).  But my heart belongs to the mountains.  I would love to have a cabin in the wilderness.

3. Post the cutest kid/pet/whatever picture you have taken lately?
Granddaughter's sixth birthday party.

4. What is your favorite recipe made with apples?
I love apple pie with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream.

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5.  My question--Do you decorate for fall, if so what is your plan?
I always put up garlands of fall leaves (silk of course, since we don't have natural ones here), and I like to put out some small hay bales with pumpkins on them on my front porch.


  1. I put up my fall wreath and the kids each get a pumpkin in October that we will carve for Halloween

  2. I haven't put anything out for fall just yet. I usually wait until later in September. I guess it's time to take my hydrangea wreath off the front door but I just love it.

    My favorite hike was across the moors of Dartmoor. Amazing. Like we were the only people on the planet.

  3. I am not a festive person so I do very little decorating. Heather does most of it and likes it though.

  4. I love decorating for fall! I have orange candles in beautiful candle holders, my wreath that I made on the front door, a few ceramic pieces and table centerpieces with pumpkins. I'm gonna have to take pictures and post them on my blog! Fall colors are my favorite for decorating!

  5. I decorate with gourds/pumpkins. This year I would like to get some scarecrows to put out on the front porch.

  6. I am just about DONE decorating for Fall. I love the colors but not the temps!

  7. We really don't ever have guests in the house except for our Christmas party, so decorating for fall begins and ends with a couple of pumpkins for the porch on Halloween.

  8. I hang wreaths on the door and decorate the garden with scarecrows and pumpkin lights. I used to do more festive decorating when the kids were home however now that we are retired and not always home we do less and less. If the grandchildren are coming over we do a little extra for them. I love your waterfall picture.

  9. I love decorating for the holidays and fall is always a fun place to start! I sometimes do crafts with kids which double as decorations for the season. And then I have a bin of fall decorations that I use. At the end of every season I add/replace items because there are always GREAT sales!

  10. I love decorating for the holidays! But alas, my fall decorations did not survive our last move and money is tight right now, so not sure if I'll be able to replace the decorations this year or not.