Saturday, September 15, 2012

Basil is sick

This is my sweet little puppy, Basil, at one month old.  She is now 7 months old, and today she was not feeling well, so I took her to the vet and she has Parvo.  So now she is in the doggie hospital.  She had not finished her vaccinations so she was susceptible.  Because I caught it in the beginning stages, she has a 90% chance of recovery.  I should know by Monday how she is doing.  But as any pet owner can testify, it sure makes you sad when they are so sick.


  1. Oh, Marti! I hope she's better *SOON*. I know firsthand how scary Parvo can be, even if the odds are in your pup's favor. ;-)

  2. Sending good thoughts for sweet Basil. Take care.


  3. Oh Mart.....I'm so sorry this has happened to sweet Basil....Parvo is one nasty thing!!

    I hope she is on the mend soon.....our dogs are so very important to know.



  4. Oh, I know you are worried about your sweet Basil. Hope she gets better real soon!

  5. what a sweetie the main thing is it was caught early hang in there Marti :]