Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Read--Roanoke The Lost Colony

I just finished reading Roanoke-The lost Colony by Angela E. Hunt.  It is a historical novel, based on real characters and facts.  In 1587, a fleet of English ships set sail for the Virginia colony. During a storm, one ship became separated from the others and was never seen again. The settlers on board were presumed lost at sea, but there is both historical and legendary evidence that the colonists actually founded the Roanoke colony. Veteran novelist Hunt ("Theyn Chronicles") reimagines this slice of Colonial history through the eyes of Jocelyn White Coleman, a newlywed reluctant to leave her home in England for the wild shores of the New World. Her husband is the austere minister of the Colony.  This book not only portrays the experiences of the colony but is an illustration of grace and legalism.  I got this book on  It was free at the time, although now the Kindle edition is $3.49, and paperback copies start at .02 plus shipping.  Anyone interested in this period of history will enjoy this well-written novel.

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