Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Quiz about Me

Acting Balanced
1. What room in the house do you try your hardest to keep clean?
The living room, when I have company it needs to be presentable, second choice--my bedroom.  There is something about going to bed in a tidy room that is comforting.
2. How do you describe your blog to someone you just met?
My blog reflects my thoughts on growing up on a ranch in the Wyoming Rockies long ago, with a bit of my thoughts about everything else thrown in for good measure.

3. What was your lie from last week?  (If you didn't play last week, What was your favorite cartoon you watched as a kid?)
I love movies--actually I pretty much hate them, just can't sit still for that long, and 95% of them are a waste of good money.  Give me a book any day.
4. What is your favorite kind of salad? (post a recipe if you got one)
I love all salads, for something different how about 
Black Bean and Mango Salad                Serves 6
1 can black beans--rinsed and drained           1/4 cup cilantro leaves, chopped
2 cup mango--diced                                       1/4 cup lime juice
1 red bell peper--diced                                  1 Tbsp olive oil
6 green onions--diced                                    1 seeded jalapeno pepper--finely diced

Combine, chill and serve.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!
5.  Now that it is fall, what is your favorite fall sport, either watching or doing?
Mine is hiking, now that the weather is starting to cool off.


  1. I do like movies if they are in my home. I can't sit still either but at home I can pause the movie if I want to or stop it if it's really bad! Plus the volume control is mine!!!

  2. I am not a fan of the movie theater (or movie-ater as my youngest grandson used to say) ... much less expensive, I can move around if I need to, I can pause it if I need to, and we can turn on the closed captioning (for DH's poor hearing ... and I have to confess that it helps me occasionally when the music drowns out the dialogue).

  3. I don't watch movies either and never go to a movie theatre because I fall asleep and my hubby and children complain I snore. I love live theatre and we are members of a theatre group. We meet our friends and make a day or weekend out of it. I don't care for sports and even took the sports package off of our TV.

  4. We are big football fans here, so that being said we try to catch a little of Sunday night football when we can or if we can get UT Vols on free TV then we like watching them play. BTW, it's really warm in your neck of the wood still, but I forget you live in the dessert. lol Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  5. I used to look forward to hockey season. This year - not so much. Thanks for hooking up to the MQaM.

  6. I just got my bike out yesterday - this summer it was just too hot to ride.

  7. I tend to agree with you about most movies. I rarely watch them anymore--and the book is ALWAYS better!

    As for a fall sport, we don't do sports anymore. We've seen our share of high school football games in the past though.

  8. I'm not into any kinds of sports. They just don't interest me.

    I prefer a good book to a movie any day.