Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hunting Season

Hunting season--that time of year that makes grown men act like juveniles.  Reminds me of that truck commercial where the guy is packing everything including his favorite pj's for a weekend with the boys.  Growing up there were three rules during hunting season.  Wear bright clothing, stay on the roads and come straight home from school.  Every year stories were told of the crazy hunters that descended on our country.  The road to Cody had its game check station at the Rattle Snake Creek bend just a few miles from our house.  One year a group of dude hunters came through as proud as can be with their prize trophy.  

As they were bragging about their catch--a huge deer, the game wardens just shook their heads, and said to each other, "Never did like that old mule of DeMoriac's, anyway" and waved the hunters through.  Upon thought, bet that was one tough bunch of meat.


  1. LOL! Stay safe in hunting season everyone.

  2. Dude hunters--they pay a year's worth of bills in a poor community! Hope they enjoyed the chew.