Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet me on Monday--Labor Day

Acting Balanced

1. What was the toughest job you ever had?
The mentally toughest job that I had was a school bus driver.  Besides having to be aware of the crazy drivers in Phoenix (One ran into my bus, said he didn't see it), I also had to be aware of what the 72 children were up to.  The hardest physical job was working at a factory in Minnesota making refrigerator seals.

2. What one characteristic makes a good boss?
I think the most important characteristic of a good boss is fairness.

3. How did you celebrate 'the end of summer'?
Since it was 107 outside, I stayed inside and read a book.

4. Do you follow the fashion rules about Labour Day being the end of wearing white etc?
I'm not a fashionesta by any means, but I usually don't wear white shoes after Labor Day, or before Easter.  I wear white clothes most anytime.

5. Now my question for you--What are your retirement plans?
I am retired and want to teach art.  I had planned to open an art studio in Prescott, but due to the BAD economy, I came up with plan B.  I want to pursue my art here, and teach small classes in my home.  I have classes in mind for oil painting, fiber arts, art in sewing, and paper based art.  I like to teach techniques so that my students can expand their creativity.


  1. i don't have any! i'm 30 and even though i know i should be preparing, i'm now...

  2. Nothing wrong playing indoors as long as you have a playmate. One thing I lack is having artistic talent. Thank-you for stopping by.

  3. My husband and I are retired and we plan to travel. We love to cruise and ballroom dance. I have no plans to go back to work.

  4. Love your plans for today, I think I will second that. My retirement plans.....make it to retirement right now. I hope to be able to travel.

  5. Retirement plans? I'm 46 and haven't worked full time since December 2007. The progressive problems prior to testing and diagnosis with MS made me a bit unemployable! Now I'm getting ready to enlist the state agency for the disabled's help to rewrite my resume and get back to work. Just in case nothing exists anymore in 20 years, I want to save and invest enough to pay for all of my medications! Then if I can retire, I'll write my memoirs!

  6. I sure wish I lived near you, I'd take every one of your classes. I've never been crafty (unlike my mom and sisters) but have just started getting the urge to be.

  7. I just retired from the hospital. I am currently finishing my second degree and then go to another company to finish off another retirement since there will be no social security and then MAYBE I will have enough money to travel