Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hike to Heaven

Hike to Heaven by Gary Martin is a tale intended to inspire and build up the reader.The author tells a story that combines biblical truth, compelling characters and an encouraging message. 

A community healthcare van has crashed and its occupants are forced to escape for their lives. Those who survive all carry their own dark secrets, hurts and fears. During their journey through the New Zealand wilderness they are each given the chance to learn, make changes in their lives and to discover true freedom. 
As they enter deeper into the forest, the things they learn will begin to challenge their emotional strongholds and they will be tested both physically and spiritually. During their ordeal they hear stories of people that have overcome horrific situations through faith in God. The testimonies of a child soldier from Sudan - a survivor from the killing fields in Cambodia and a woman rescued from a life of shame and regret - all share about God's transforming power, seeking to inspire faith and trust in the weary seekers.
Hike to Heaven follows the time-honored practice used in Pilgrim's Progress and The Great Divorce of using a journey to inspire and provide insight into the Kingdom of God. It's an inspirational, gritty and sometimes humorous story showing how a loving God can heal broken people. 

I would recommend this book not only for the story but also for the truths that it addresses.

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