Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super Moon

We have a beautiful sight in our night sky for a couple of evenings.  It is called a super moon.  June 2013 presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth until August 10, 2014, at which time the moon will be a scant 5 kilometers closer to Earth. Moonlight holds a special place in my thoughts--some happy, others sad.  Awhile back I wrote a poem about one of the effects that moonlight had on me.


Pale golden globe
Faintly lighting the night sky
Casting its cool beams
On the tears that I cry

Its light only a reflection
Of a source now unseen
Like my tears an expression
Of a love that might have been

Had not time and things
That happened in the past
Led down a different road
Now only the memories last

The shadows in the dark
Hide the shape of what is real 
Passion fades and like the moon
Only the reflection of love I feel.

©Marti Murphy

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