Saturday, June 22, 2013

Florian's Gate

This historical fiction story begins when Jeffrey Sinclair takes a job at a London antique shop, where he learns the business and tries to figure out the mysterious nature of his boss, Alexander Kantor. 

Jeffrey's position takes him to Europe, where he not only seeks valuable antiques, but learns the hardships their owners endure as they adjust to freedom after the fall of the iron curtain. He discovers part of the mystery surrounding Alexander stems from his painful memories of communist occupation in Poland. This trip also forces him to examine his life and his values.

The author skillfully weaves his story with vivid characters and leads his readers through their emotional and spiritual journeys. Relationships and circumstances grow naturally against a backdrop of historical fact.

From his description of the bidding at the auction chamber to the gut wrenching memories of Auschwitz relived through the eyes of his characters, T. Davis Bunn provides a deep reading experience. This was an intense, thought-provoking novel and those who enjoy excellent character development and intriguing plot developments will rate this novel five stars.

The glimpse of life in Poland throughout its tumultuous history provides a picture of the suffering of a nation, and the resiliency of its people.

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