Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose--Pill

Today's prompt is: Pill

This morning I had my daily dose of pills:  Vitamin pill, fish oil pill, vitamin D3 pill,  low dose aspirin pill, and a lisinopril pill (rx pill for hypertension).  I sometimes need to take an ibuprofen pill for arthritis.  Enough about this kind of pill.
photo from Google
Later this morning I am babysitting my some of my grandkids.  I do this two days a week.  The boy, 8 years old is easy going, but the little girl (6 years old) is a real pill.  If she is tired, she is a handful, a real pill.
I am wearing a pair of shorts that are so comfortable, the only problem is that they pill.  I hate those little fuzzy balls.  

Well , those are my thoughts about pill.  Have a good Thursday.

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