Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fulcrum--1951 The Rest of the Story

This story has four parts that I want to share with you.  It was a story that changed all our families lives not only at the time that it happened, but for the rest of our lives.
We often are so overcome with the tragedy and sorrow of an event that we cannot see anything good.  So it was with the story of Ruthie in 1951 and for the next twelve years.  But her story didn't end in a hospital in Casper, Wyoming in an iron lung, or in a halo apparatus at the Shriner's Hospital in Salt Lake City.
At the Shriner's Hospital she was a special patient.  When she was eleven they arranged for her to see fireworks for the first time in her life.  Through all her pain and suffering she never complained, but was a ray of sunshine to those around her.

When she finally was able to come home, my parents sold the ranch and moved to Cody so that she could go to school as her health was too fragile for living in the mountains.  She attend high school, sometimes when plagued with recurrent pneumonia by remote connection, and home tutoring from her teachers.
French studies were her favorite classes.  She went on to attend college in Minnesota with a dream to be a French translator for the United Nations.  She was an accomplished pianist.

Then, in 1968 she accepted a job as an angel in the heavenly choir, singing praises to her Heavenly Father.

Part one of this series was published May 21st.

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