Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose--Slip

Today's prompt is: Slip

Yesterday my puppy got a hold of a lotion bottle and before I knew it she had squeezed a puddle on my hardwood floors.  In my hurry to get it from her, I stepped in the mess and no need to guess what I did--slip.  Luckily I didn't fall.

I hate to wear a slip.  I remember when I was younger and no one would wear a skirt without one.  Most of my skirts have a lining so there is no need for a slip.

I babysat my grandchildren last week.  My grandson is a husky boy--a natural football player, but my granddaughter is just a slip of a girl.  No wonder she is so good at acrobatic dance.

I was reviewing my grocery slip before I left the store yesterday and saw that they had overcharged me for my carrots.  I also noticed that when I started the car that there was a slip in one of the belts, made a squealing noise.

My sister has a nice boat, but she doesn't have a slip for it, instead she trailors it to the dock.

It's hot today, so I am going to slip into something cool and drink plenty of ice tea.

Before I have a slip of the tongue, I am going to get my knitting and try to find the place where I slipped a stitch.  I am making a ribbon scarf.

Thanks Brenda for letting me slip on over to your blog for this fun word challenge.

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