Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fabric of our Lives

"I was just a little girl dreaming bigger pictures come alive
Never knew that I would see so many faces in the crowd
It's like a good buzz, going all around
It's like I'm flying with my feet on the ground

Oh, the touch, the feel
The fabric of our lives
The touch, the feel of cotton
The fabric of my life"  Miranda Lambert

I love this old heirloom quilt made by my grandma.  So many of the pieces bring back memories of her dresses, my mom's clothes, and even some of my dresses when I was a little girl.

Every little piece of fabric was used and then reused.  This flower garden pattern weaves a picture of our family--all separate and individual--but together they form the story of our lives.

This quilt shows wear, but it was made to be used and enjoyed.  So with my life, even though I am slightly worn, I still enjoy that life that I have and marvel looking back over the picture that is emerging.

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