Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose--Switch

Today's prompt is: Switch
There was an old willow tree growing next to the middle pond just a few feet from the front of our ranch house.  It was a gracious tree but we kids hated it for whenever we were really naughty Mom would make us go out to that tree and cut a switch for a spanking.  Now at first we would find a slender, supple branch secretly smiling at our ingenuity, but soon found that those thin branches stung much more than a thicker branch.  After some thought and experience, my brothers had a plan.  The next time they did something deserving a spanking, they found an old limb that was so heavy that both of them could barely move it to the back door.  My mom just threw up her hands and sent them out to work in the garden.  (Note--these swats were applied to our bottoms and were not whippings).

Now to switch to another era.  My children did get a few swats with a wooden spoon if other forms of punishment didn't work.  And they all are well adjusted adults.

Well, switch on the light--correction given in love for the  purpose of molding better people works.


  1. WE had a board of education at our house and just the threat was enough sometimes. Time-outs do work sometimes as well.

  2. We were told we'd be switched, and the threat worked well. LOL

  3. it is amazing how many parenting techniques have switched over the years....

    Thanks for pondering with me

  4. I had a ping pong paddle hanging on the wall in the kitchen. It was a deterrent just by it being there.

  5. Due to the current climate of thought, our kids do not generally receive spankings -- maybe one or two in all the years of our parenting. And most certainly deserved at the time. But people just judge that too harshly now. But I have no doubt in my mind at all that I turned out so well because my own mama was not afraid to apply the switch when correction was necessary.