Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1.  Do you prank on April Fool's Day? What's the best prank you've done or had done to you?
I don't really prank on AFD.  I have had the usual jokes pulled on me.

2. Is it Spring where you are yet? 
Yes is is spring, getting ready for summer here in Phoenix
3. Mint Green seems to be the 'hot color' for spring this year... either that or NEON ... which do you prefer?
I'm a fan of a soft palette so I would pick mint.

4. Wayne joined the 21st century this week... he's now got a cell phone and it's an Android smart phone... and he wants to know if you've got a smart phone and if you do, what's your favorite app or game?
I don't have a smart phone, I can't justify the cost.

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5.  Do you enjoy baseball?  Now that the major leagues are beginning their season that is about all you hear on the sports report.
Me--I will occasionally go to a Diamond Back game.  But I much prefer watching the little kids play.  The play with such joy!

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