Thursday, April 4, 2013

A-Z Challenge--Dreamer

All About Me


I am an idealistescapistwishful thinker.  I am a dreamer.

This poem that I wrote expresses this:

Dreams of Adventure

As I stand upon the shore
And look out to the sea
I breathe the salty mist
And dream it takes me
To far off lands, traveling
On the currents of the wind.
To the coast of China and its fragrant tea
Then down to Aussie land a
kangaroo to see
A funny penguin on parade in
cold Antarctica
Elephants and roaring lions
on the plains of Africa
Then on to Egypt, the mighty pyramids to see
And the ancient ruins scattered
over Italy
At last, to London visit the queen
and hear Big Ben
Now the wind brings me home again
With dreams of places far away
Still clinging to the salty air
And hope that one day I might find
A grand adventure over there.
©Marti Murphy

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