Friday, April 19, 2013

A-Z Challenge--Quiet

All About Me

I am a quiet person.  I am content to be by myself, without the radio or TV on.  I like to drive and sight see with no one else around.  I am comfortable with me.

For me quietness brings calmness.  I can enjoy the thoughts that float through my mind.  

As I hiked this trail in the Olympic National Forest, I came upon this spot.  In the background the distance sounds of a waterfall was all that was heard above the quiet forest sounds.  This quiet, peaceful spot that sang to my soul.


  1. I thought this spot looked familiar! This was one of my family's favorite places to hike :)

  2. I am also a quiet person, married to a man who cannot abide quiet. He talks all the time, which may be what attracted me to him. He says interesting stuff, makes me laugh. For 40 years.

    Maybe you and I can walk that trail and be quiet. I'd love to see that place.

  3. Thanks for Sharing! You have a new follower from A to Z! :)

  4. I too love the quiet and being alone. My daughter and I will be doing some hiking as soon as she's home from college.

  5. There is something about being in a place like that, that soothes the soul. My fried and I, would often go and sit in a forest and just sit and listen to the sounds of the crickets. It always felt somewhat magical.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my post. :)