Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Cure

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THE CURE by Athol Dickson is not an upbeat story, but it is one about redemption and forgiveness, about a man who is trying to make right something that had gone horrifically wrong in his past.  It is a story filled with emotional and spiritual pain of a man haunted by his own demons.

In THE CURE, Riley Keep is an alcoholic who at one time was a highly respected missionary from the town of Dublin, Maine  He has returned after many years living in Florida, as a vagrant because of a myth being told on the streets about a cure for alcoholism, that has the power to cure addiction. There is a subplot involving a woman who takes care of the homeless. She has a secret that has led her to this town, and it is connected to Riley and his past spent on a mission in South America.

The book moves along at a fast pace when the homeless men and women riot wanting access to the cure that could free them from their addictions and the woman disappears and is thought to be dead, and Riley is accused of murdering her; What happens, however, changes the outcome of what Riley hopes to accomplish, and changes again the course of his life.

This book reinforces the theme that only God can truly deliver us when we look to Him for strength to conquer our own personal thorn in the flesh.

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