Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. How much do you trust the media in their reporting? Are there certain media outlets you trust or distrust more?
I think that most of the media is very biased in their reporting.  It is more commentary that actual news reporting.  All outlets are promoting their own agendas whether it is liberal or conservative.  It makes it very hard to make an informed decision about anything.

2. I just found out that May is National Egg Month... who knew... how do you like your eggs?
For breakfast I like my eggs scrambled, and a good egg salad sandwich is nice for lunch.

3. What have you written in the past six months that you are proud of?
On my blog on Tuesdays, I am doing a series of post about my little sister and how her situation effected the whole family.

4. Where are you in your spring cleaning?
I am finished with house cleaning, and now am concentrating on editing my closets.

And my question for you all is--
5. What is your favorite picnic food?
I love grilled hot dogs and potato salad for a picnic where we can have a fire. It it is a meal in a basket, then sliced ham and cheese sandwiches and fresh veggies.

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