Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. My real life friends came through with another question this week so thank you real life friends. When you've eaten in a restaurant do you complete their comment card? Do you take online surveys highlighted at the bottom of store receipts? 
I will sometimes fill out a comment card, but very seldom fill out surveys, as I think they are just advertising gimmicks 

2. The (US) ban on women in combat was lifted at the end of January. It will probably be next year before specifics are worked out, but its been reported over 200,000 front line positions will eventually open up to women.  Your thoughts? 
If woman are getting equal pay, they should be able to have equal jobs, but they must be equally qualified both physically and mentally.

3.  In looking back at all the blog posts you've written, what's your favorite post title
I can't say I have a favorite, I do love to reread the ones that I have written about my childhood.

4. What's worse-overly permissive parents or overly protective parents?  Did your own parents lean more to the permissive or the protective category?  If you're a parent where do you fall? 
I think that they are both bad.  I was brought up to be honest, trustworthy, respectful, and independent--able to take care of myself and aware of the needs of others.  I brought up my children the same way.

5.  Candlelight-moonlight-firelight-bright lights in the big city...which one's your favorite? 
Moonlight.  I love the outdoors.  Moonlight speaks of mystery and romance.

6. Dr. Seuss's birthday was celebrated on Saturday. What's a favorite book you remember (Seuss or otherwise) from your own childhood?  Did books play an important role in your growing up years? Explain. 
I have loved to read as long as I can remember.  Living isolated on a ranch in the mountains, books were a window to the world.  I grew up before Dr. Seuss, but I loved reading the books to my kids.  I liked Green Eggs and Ham.

7.  To quote Dr. Seuss...

"From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere." 
from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Share something funny you've recently read, seen or heard.  
I am not much on comedy, but I was going through my scrapbook and came across a card that my then 10 year old son made for me for my birthday.  It said "I love you Mom and will do anything for you, if I'm not busy"

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
With our spring here, I am finally starting to feel better.  My doctor gave me a clean bill of health Monday.  I am planning a couple of hikes to see wild flowers, and a trip to Prescott for great-grands fourth birthday.

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