Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose--Flexible

Today's prompt is: Flexible
I have learned the value of being flexible.  I was brought up to be independent--able to work out my own solutions and very early on I learned that although my plan was good it was not the only one.  I have found that my horizons have expanded as I tried other's ideas.  

Not only that, but I have found that I have a lot more good will around me when I consider others opinions. I won't compromise my principle just to keep peace but I will listen and that is my first step to being flexible.


  1. Being independent is a great way to learn to be flexible.

  2. Having a plan is a good start and being flexible enough to change is even better.

  3. I agree with Tami and Judy....flexibility is a requirement for survival...especially when you are on your own!

  4. I like that and it is better to be flexible.
    I hope you are having lovely weather today.

  5. Love how you say you won't compromise, but you will Listen to someone else. I think that is a important point regarding flexibility. As opposed to say being stubborn. Stubborn isn't just about not compromising, it doesn't usually listen at all.