Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What rule of life should never be broken?
Love your neighbor as yourself.

2. What's your favorite family recipe? 
I am a collector of family recipes.  I love to research the people and times of the recipes, and I love them all.  The most unusual probably would be "Corncob Jelly".  

3. Is the media manipulative? 
They surely try to be, But an adult can only be manipulated to the extent that they will allow.  I probably err on the side of cynicism.

4. Hubs and I saw Skyfall last weekend...are you a fan of the Bond films? If so, who's your favorite Bond?
I enjoy action films so I did enjoy the Bond films.  The older ones were more memorable no matter who Bond was.

5. What is one thing you hope people never say about you?
That I was uncaring.

6. What's a nearby tourist attraction you'd like to see, but haven't gotten around to visiting? 
Hassayampa River Preserve
Winter resident bird species are out in full force in late fall at the Hassayampa River Preserve. After a short drive from the Phoenix area, visitors can expect to see some of the state’s most rare hawks – such as zone-tailed or black hawks – and might even spot mule deer, javelina or a bobcat while enjoying a hike along one of the self-guided trails. Late November showcases Hassayampa’s golden color change in its deciduous trees as well.

7. Where's your favorite tree?
That would have to be pine trees.  I love all the varieties.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
I just had a too short visit from my Sister, Barbara, and her husband Dennis.  They live in eastern Oregon, and although I knew they were coming they brought a surprise for me--a car that although used is in much better shape than the one that I currently have.  I am so blessed.  Now I can visit my daughter in Prescott without car worries, and I can relax as I go on my errands around town.


  1. A very nice set of Hodgepodge answers. That Preserve looks like it would be a nice way to spend a day. Have a great week!

  2. What a lovely gift from your sister and her husband. Glad that you will be able to go see your daughter more often.

  3. Fantastic gift you received from your sister and brother in law, indeed special people!
    I wanted to thank you for the ornie stars you created for the Homespun Ornie Swap. I plan on a bread bowl full of ornies for the holidays.
    Thanks so much.

  4. I've never heard of corncob jelly...would love to know how that's made and does it taste good?

  5. What in the world is corncob jelly? I'm very intrigued! How nice of your sister and brother-in-law! I know you'll be forever grateful for their kindness and generosity.

  6. Corncob jelly? Interesting. The preserve sounds like an intriguing place! Awesome family helping family there!

  7. What a sweet gift! It is hard to drive around when you know your car is unsafe. I am glad you don't have to do that anymore :)

  8. I have sister named Barbara and she just travelled with us when we visited my daughter. She is a great sister.

  9. What a sweet gift! That's got to be a burden eased.

  10. I am going to have to look up that recipe! Such a sweet and caring gift. I hope you have a great weekend!