Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Quiz about Me

1. Do you decorate outdoors for the holidays?
My grandson or my daughter put up lights along the roofline and patio.

2. What is the best thing about office Christmas parties
When they are over.

3. Gloves or Mittens?

4. What do you think of Secret Santas?
I like to surprise people with little gifts, and am always glad to get a surprise as well.  On those occasions when the gift isn't what I would choose, I remember that it is the thought that counts.

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5.  How many holiday parties do you plan to attend?
Me--This year I have three on the calendar: a chili supper where we wrap gifts for the homeless, a pot luck barn dance, and a get together with my friends from Bible Study.


  1. Sounds like you will be busy with parties. I think I'm going to one and passing on a couple of other ones.

  2. Hmm... just one that I am aware of! We host it, my mom's sibs and their families. Been a holiday tradition since before I was born! So, about 50 years running now. used to be at the grandparents but with them gone the rest of the family rotates the event.

  3. Sounds like a fun time with all those parties. I do like them... We only have 2 parties but they are both going to be fun.

  4. We are going to host an Open House on Dec 9th. We also have a Christmas dance with our ballroom group. So only 2 parties.

  5. I try to avoid as many as possible. They are painful to me. I will however drop by two or three out of a sense of duty. Thanks for joining up with the MQAM, hope to see you again next week.

  6. I don't go to parties persay but rather events along with family gatherings. I think we have five we are going to this year. I can't keep count seems to be a busy year.

  7. We still say Christmas parties here thankfully, we give the entertainment at three family christmas Parties at the Nursing Homes, and we have a few others to attend as well.