Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

1. What is your favorite thing about November?
I love the cooler weather, and the excitement of the grandkids involvement in football.

2. What was the last thing that you bought that you regretted soon afterwards?
I seldom suffer buyer's remorse, because I try and think purchases through before I commit to buying.  But I probably could have done without that dessert that I had last night.

3. What is your go to snack food?
I love salty snacks, so salted peanuts would be a favorite.

4. Do you believe that newspapers should charge for their online content? 
I understand the financial stress that the internet has placed on hard copy.  But with all the available sources, I don't think that it is worth the bad press to charge.  Perhaps for a special feature it would be acceptable to charge.

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5.  Have you eaten wild game? and what is your opinion of it?
Me, I grew up on wild game, and liked most of it.  My favorite was elk, and I still love to have a good elk steak when I visit my brothers and sister who hunt.  

My least favorite was havalina.  I thought it was nasty.


  1. My husband hunts and we get deer a lot which is yummy! I have no idea what havalina is. Life is short, eat dessert often!

    1. Havalina are sometimes called wild pigs--whey look like a small pig, but are actually a peccary a medium-sized animal, with a strong resemblance to pigs. Like pigs, it has a snout. Peccaries are omnivores, and will eat small animals, although their preferred food consists of roots, grass, seeds, fruit, and cacti—particularly prickly pear cacti.

  2. Yes I have had wild game! I often loved it though there have been a few times when deer was processed they have seasoned it all wrong. My favorite was surprisingly Bear. Many years back ( when hubby and I were just dating) a relative of Hubby's had a run in with a bear while deer hunting. He ended up making a Brunswick stew with bear in it, was so yummy.

  3. I had moose meat in Newfoundland and have had a venisin roast when I was younger. I am not too fond of either. Once was enough.

  4. I don't think I've ever had game.... but then does anyone really know what is in restaurant food?

  5. No, I can't say that I've ever eaten wild game.

  6. Fun! answered in order:
    1. family time around a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving
    2. hmm, a jacket that I knew wouldn't fit but I gave it to my Mother so not so sad.
    3. a fun size Dark Cho Hershey Bar, ice cream or walnuts
    4. absolutely not
    5. Yes, grew up on wild game. Venison, moose, elk, bear, wild hog, caribou, porcupine, turtle, plus turkey, partridge, spruce grouse, pheasant, I'm sure I missed some. Most were great, but I still don't care for bear, no matter how it's fixed.
    Thanks for taking the boredom out of my day.

  7. Years ago I ate venison a few times. I love Fuddruckers. I've tried their elk, buffalo, wild boar and ostrich. My favorite is buffalo.
    Here's My MQAM

  8. Thanks for participating in the MQAM. Hope to see you again next week.

  9. No, I haven't eaten any wild game. I live in a city in Japan, and no one I know goes hunting around here.

  10. What fun facts- I am not a wild game eater though...I have tried several times and had it as a kid growing up but I will stick with beef and chicken
    !;>) xo Diana

  11. I grew up on elk, deer and antelope meat! I really enjoy an elk steak, too. I also enjoy salty snacks over anything else!

  12. I try to walk a lot so that I can have my dessert!