Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Quiz about Me


1. What are you thankful for this year?
I am thankful for my family.
2. What was your special dish that your parents made for you while growing up?
Growing up poor, we were glad for whatever we had to eat.  When trout was on the menu, I really enjoyed that.
3. How long are you willing to wait for someone before you give up? 
For an appointment maybe half an hour; for them to mature--probably forever.  I am the eternal optimist.
4. What is your favorite quote, poem, song lyric or prayer?
But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

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5.  How far from you do your children (or parents) live?
Me--My oldest daughter lives about 1700 miles away--in Corvallis, Oregon, a daughter lives in Prescott--100 miles, my son and youngest daughter live about 7 miles away (one south and one north of me.


  1. my oldst daughter and her family live a 16 hour drive away. My son and his family are a half hour drive away. My middle daughter and her husband are the closest and they are 10 minutes away. My parents are 4 and a half hours away so we drive every where. Thank goodness for Skype to keep in touch with those furthest away.

  2. My Father lives with my sister 55 miles away about an hour drive. Then my in laws are 116 miles away which time on that all depends on traffic especially at the tunnels. We can make it there in under two hours but there have been times it has taken four.

  3. My daughter lives about 40 miles from me. Son is in England. The rest of my family lives about 700 miles away.

  4. My Dad is about an hour and a half north of me in Michigan, Mom is in Heaven (Hopefully a bunch of years away), my nieces, who I love like my own, are about 5 hours away in Indian. (Raised in Michigan, we measure distance in drive-time!)

  5. My kids live here with me (thank You Lord!). My mother lives in NYC and I live in South Florida - a good 24 hour drive away.

  6. Oldest son lives 3000 miles away on the west coast, daughter lives about 15 miles away! Love that!

  7. my family is within 100 miles...right now.. but once my son in law gets back from Afghanistan, my daughter goes back to Germany.....

    Have a great holiday!

  8. I loved your take on the waiting question. Thanks for participating in the MQAM, hope to see you again next week.

  9. OH great question!
    My parents: I live with my mom, my dad is about 2 miles away.
    My kids: Both about 2 miles away as well. :)